“I write to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see, and what it means.”
Joan Didion, Essayist 

About I, Witness

I’m passionate about words and their relationships to each other – relationships that are sometimes playful, sometimes antagonistic, but always related.

Subtle distinctions.

I was first introduced to the concept of distinctions years ago by the late Thomas Leonard. He created a collection of cool word couples that were designed to increase awareness that he called a “distinctionary.”

I, Witness is my collection of stories that uses the “distinctionary” as a springboard. It’s my way of paying attention to my life’s big moments and little subtleties and sharing the ride.

A lot of times, I’m surprised by their twists and turns and I’m writing the darn things. But that’s the beauty of a good story — it doesn’t always take you where you think it will.

About Me

I am the mom of two boys who are ten years apart; the younger one, who we adopted at 2 weeks of age, has special needs. A member of the sandwich generation, we moved in with my mother when her health started to fail — three generations living together in varying states of getting along. It seems as if I’ve worked just about everywhere doing everything from digging asbestos samples to working as a fill-in radio announcer.

I also knit, design, crochet, bead, and play with a lot of materials (I guess the technical term would be mixed media). I have a small organic vegetable garden and have successfully took my grass off drugs.

So there’s a lot to write about. I’ve written for The News and Observer/The Durham News and several regional parenting publications, including Calgary’s Child Magazine and Toledo Area Parent Magazine.